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High school students with expertise in the NBA offering their own hot take on recent news and games.

Everything negative – pressurechallenges – is all an opportunity for me to rise – Kobe Bryant

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We are the one NBA blog you need to keep yourself up to date on the eventful NBA season (and offseason). Here, you can find informative, analytical, and accurate posts, and spend ten minutes of your day to learn what happened over the course of one whole day in the NBA. Check out our recent posts about daily recaps, player highlights, predictions, and more!

Why Us?


We offer our own hot take, our own opinions on recent NBA news and player performances. Our posts are genuinely biased and are based off our own thoughts.


Growing up watching the NBA only ignites our passion even more. We love the sport of basketball and the NBA!


We’ve been watching the NBA for over 8 years and have an excellent knowledge for the game of basketball and the NBA in general.

Your time is priceless. This is exactly why spending it on reading our blog is a good idea.

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A blog founded by Ming Wang and Shaurya Baruah

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